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White-Tailed Deer & Turkey Hunting Guide Located In Trigg County, Western Kentucky. KY.

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Northgate Farms Hunting Rates

• Kentucky Trophy White-Tailed Buck Hunting

Kentucky white tail deer
Northgate Farms strives to maintain a high level of trophy white-tailed deer. We encourage our clients to to harvest whitetail bucks with at least 8 points and a spread of 16" inches. We will explain how to predetermine the rack size before your hunt. If you shoot a smaller buck there will be an additional fee of $400 added to the price of the hunt.

Archery 4 Days- Deer Hunt: $1,200 Deposit $600*

Crossbow 4 Days- Deer Hunt: $1,300 Deposit $650*

Early Muzzleloader 2 Days- Deer Hunt: $995 Deposit $500*

Regular Muzzleloader 4 Days- Deer Hunt: $1500 Deposit $750*

Rifle 4 Days- Deer Hunt: $1,500 Deposit $750*

Combo Bow & Muzzleloader 4 Days- Deer Hunt: $1500 Deposit $750

We recommend using a 30-06 or larger caliber rifle, the most important thing is you feel comfortable with your weapon of choice (Kentucky law states you can use any center fire rifle). Shot ranges will depend on the terrain but will generally range 100 yards or less. Some of the open fields offer longer shots and with the advantage of hunting from elevated blinds, hunters can see and shoot longer distances. All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a safety belt at all times.

• Kentucky Wild Turkey Hunting

wild turkey

Wild Turkey Hunting 4 Days: $1,000 Deposit $500*

• Bobcats & Coyote

bobcat and coyote picture

Bobcat season usually starts around the last day of rifle season. Coyote is open game year round during day light hours. If you get a shot at a coyote or bobcat during open season it's your choice to take the shot.

We would like you to arrive by 9:00 am the day before your hunt begins. You will be responsible for your own lodging at one of the local hotel's or motel's in Trigg County. There is lodging info on our lodging page.

After you get settled in at the lodging of your choice, we will meet with you around 9:00am at your room or predetermined location. We will take you to the area you will be hunting to show you stand locations and property bounderies. All of Northgate Farms clients must read, sign and date a release waiver of liability before they can hunt. You are responsible for your own meals, there are plenty of places to eat in town.

All licenses, meat processing and award winning taxidermy available locally.

*Deposits are non-refundable. If you cannot make your hunt, please call us at least 60 days in advance and you can use your deposit towards booking a hunt in the future. Hunters are responsible for their own food and lodging.

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